Best French Interior Design Rules You Should Know

The French interior decoration style has always been desired; see below some of the interior design rules that ensure your house is extra chic.

Respect the Architecture

One of France’s most important tip is to value each house’s elements, as it gives character and elegance to every home. For instance, a ceiling with a crown shape looks completely impressive with an applied candlestick like the Empire.

Consider the French lifestyle

French interior design is about fashion as straightforward, but only because they are designed to suit your way through the room. There are lounge areas for all your moments and clever storage to make everyday life a breeze.

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Mix Styles and Materials

The combination of designs, fabrics, and objects is one primary standard of French interior design. The trick is to combine patterns and antique pieces. Any room can go along with the concept of combining materials and styles, so you might want to take this tip into account. You have to ensure that it is arranged in an orderly manner.

Use Color

Though the neutrals are the most commonly used colors, colors are as important as the elements that can enhance the space and make the interior perfectly balanced with a mix of colors. Color is essential, so the combination of styles can be unified.

Deviate From Neutral Colors

Although France’s all-white interiors have an affinity, color is how they can link the difference between new and old. Their rule at Zin Home LLC is that there are no guidelines for contemporary French interior design. You can mix colors, cycles, and every type of design that appeals to you — and what could be French more than that? Learn about Zin Home LLC to know more about mixing different colors.

Founders of Wink Deco, Emmanuel, and Thomas, said, “They like the furniture of the 50s mixed with more modern pieces. To merge the objects from various periods in a room, you can use a few strong and complementary colors that give uniformity to the set. The color connects the styles.”

Don’t Trust Trends

One of the French states’ old sayings that “The more things change, the more things remain the same.” Trends will come and go – you name them in politics, fashion, food, or decor – but life’s roots are reliable and as deeply rooted as an ancient oak.

Of course, Garance Aufaure’s house has changed over time; lovely home of the late 18th century. Each generation has helped the modernization of the house. However, the house is the same as ever. “I’m continually developing this while remembering the actions of the last centuries.

In a master bedroom, the daybed and the secretary are Louis XVI, and in the 19th century, the side table is in the same style.

Effortless French style

Everyone envies the French style for some reason. It almost seems like it’s effortless, never very curated, but incredible. French interior designers say their number one rule to make this style quick and not too hard. One of the best ideas to follow is combining things that you treasure in the decor.