Five Wine Coolers To Perfect Your Kitchen Remodel

If you love the sight of a clean well-decorated space, you can admit that your kitchen is part of the places in your home that you’ll want to put much effort into making it look aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, you should know that it comes with replacing and buying new accessories and appliances, but it all depends on what you can afford, your options, and your priorities. There are many options of wine coolers you can pick from if you check a wine cooler shop.

If you’re a wine lover who loves to keep wines, you may want to get newer wine coolers or replace the old ones. There are many wine coolers that can fit your needs, and you should consider some nicely designed wine coolers that will fit in perfectly and give your kitchen a cozy aesthetic appeal. These wine coolers, also called wine integrated fridges, come in different sizes and features.

Let’s look at some wine coolers that are perfect for your kitchen remodel

1. All Versatile Types Of Wine Cooler

One important thing to note when remodeling your kitchen and getting a wine cooler is to decide where the wine cooler will be placed. You can either choose a freestanding type of cooler or an inbuilt type.

It all depends on how your kitchen will be remodeled. If you want a regular wine cooler and don’t care about where it will be placed, an all-versatile wine cooler is your sure bet to have In your remodeled kitchen. They can contain over 40 bottles and can be used as either a freestanding or inbuilt wine cooler.

You should note that it can occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. Another amazing feature of this type of wine cooler is that it has a reversible type of door that can allow you to place it in any position against the wall.

It also has a temperature unit of Over 60 degrees. It is designed to have a sleek exterior and tinted glass to prevent your wine from the UV sunlight.

2. Double Zone French Flair

With a width of 23 inches and a length of 33 inches, This wine cooler is also designed to be slim in size. Although it can take up more space in your kitchen, it is big enough to contain over 40 bottles of normal-sized wine bottles.

It has two separate zones, and they both function at different temperatures of over 50 degrees. It all depends on how you set them. It is also designed to have self-trimmed wooden shelves that you can easily pull out.

3. Loaded And Compact

This type of cooler almost has the same features as the double zones french Flair wine cooler, but the difference is that it only has a single door and single unit. It can fit in over 50 standard bottles of wines bottles.

If you’re someone who loves to collect wine bottles, this is what you should have. It is designed to have a security lock, blue LED lights, a tinted glass door, and an auto-defrost feature. This auto defrost feature helps It have a powerful compressor and cooler. It has an inner fan that circulates air inside it.

4. The Tower Of Wine

Though still slim like others, this wine cooler is way taller than all the others mentioned above. With a height of over 6 feet, it may tower over every appliance in your kitchen. Its height should not be a problem because it comes with an easily reversible door.

This option can allow you to swing the door from any position. With an impressive temperature of over 64 degrees and its massive height, it can hold as many as a hundred and fifty bottles of wine. If you just want to have different wine bottles for your collection or wine bottles for your friends and acquaintances, this wine cooler should be considered for your kitchen.

5. Class And Wine

This wine cooler is designed to store both beverage drinks and wine. So if you want a wine cooler that allows you to have both beverage drinks and wines stored together, this is your best option. This wine cooler has a tainted double french glass door design.

The beverage unit can accommodate any type of beverage as many as 50 types of beverages because of the trimmed wooden shelving design. The wine unit can store over 15 wine bottles in it. You can easily slide out Both units for better organization and ease of storage.


Remodeling your kitchen comes with many expenses as you’ll have to replace or get new appliances to give it a newer look. In choosing a wine cooler, always go for your choices and what your budget can afford.